By | April 2, 2022

As the coronavirus continues to become more deadly, it is causing panic among the masses and affecting every business and industry, and the gig economy is no exception. The people working for courier and food delivery companies are more susceptible to catching coronavirus, as they need to go door to door and meet different people on a daily basis. The whole world is in a state of uncertainty; everyone is scared and hoping for the best.

Although coronavirus has brought everything to a halt, there has been a surge in the number of people availing of online services from on-demand companies. People don’t want to go outside and prefer ordering food online. So the companies offering courier or food delivery services are in great demand these days. They can boost their business by providing their workers with enough protective gear and buying food delivery Insurance available from Multiquotetime. Before we discuss the effect of coronavirus on gig economy, it’s worth having a look at what exactly gig economy is.

A Little Introduction to Gig Economy / Food Delivery Services

Gig workers are online platform workers, independent contractors, on-call workers, temporary workers, and contract firm workers. They usually enter work with on-demand companies by entering into formal agreements to entertain the company’s clients. TaskRabbit and Uber are the most common examples of on-demand companies. Around 36% of the US workers contribute to the gig economy through either their secondary or primary jobs. In 2017, 9.7% of people from 14 European countries participated in the Gig Economy. The number of people joining the Gig Economy is growing day by day. According to a well-reputed media outlet CNBC, the gig economy in the U.S. is comprised of around 60 million workers, which is quite a big portion of the American workforce.

Why Is it Called the ‘’Gig’’ Economy?

The gig economy is a term used to refer to the growing phenomenon of task based employment. Instead of receiving regular salaries and working under an employment contract, gig workers receive one-off payments for their services and individual tasks, also known as ‘’gig.’’ This is why it’s called gig economy. It had previously been known as ‘’Collaborative Economy’’ and ‘’Sharing Economy.’’ Some also refer to it as ‘’platform economy’’ because at its core are app based platforms that distribute work in bits and pieces.

The Current Situation of Food Delivery Services amid COVID-19

The situation is quite scary for gig economy. Companies are having trouble keeping both workers and clients on board. Workers are reluctant to perform their duties, as they have a fear of contracting coronavirus. Restaurants are forced to offer takeaway only and people are locked inside their homes. Food delivery drivers are frustrated and worried, as they need financial support to keep supporting their families. They are left with no option but to continue working, despite the risk of being infected by a potential coronavirus carrier.

What Measures Should On-Demand Companies Adapt to Survive amidst Coronavirus Pandemic?

First off, all on-demand companies and businesses should take stringent actions to implement safety measures. Food delivery service providers should provide their drivers with all the necessary protective gear so they feel fully protected while making the deliveries. Their bikes or vehicles should be disinfected on a daily basis. Companies should work with experts specializing in infectious diseases to set protocols for all the incoming and outgoing items. Obviously, the coronavirus situation isn’t here to last ages. Scientists and doctors are working day and night to prepare a vaccine for this deadly virus, and they are quite optimistic that they will be able to beat this virus soon.

The food delivery service providers should also consider buying food delivery insurance to stay on the safe side. By going with the right food delivery insurance plan, businesses stay fully protected and pay only what they need. Food delivery insurance usually covers the delivery vehicle and the items or contents being transported. If your business involves making the deliveries, you should go for food delivery insurance to protect your business. Multi Quote Time is one of the most reputed names for food delivery insurance, they have been in this business for quite a long time, and they better understand your needs.

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