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Do you know how to seriously impress your neighbours with drip coffee? Well, now it’s definitely possible if you follow the 7 Simple Steps to the Best Drip Coffee – we have provided this information here:

1.         Only Use Fresh Coffee

You need to always remember that coffee’s shelf life is about 6 weeks. Unfortunately for you, the coffee you buy at your local grocery store is anywhere between 3 and 12 months old on average. What this means is that if you drink store-purchased coffee you will be basically enjoying the equivalent of stale moldy bread. To avoid this and enjoy the wide range of coffee flavors, it is best to only buy your coffee from local independent roasters. You will be getting coffee that’s just mere hours and not months old. This is the first step towards making amazing coffee.

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2.         Always Filter Your Water

The water used to make the coffee is the second most important consideration if you want to make coffee that tastes great. The best water to use is either bottled or filtered. You must never use either softened or distilled water to make your coffee. That’s the second step towards making amazing coffee.

3.         Be Specific About the Grind

The only tool that you should use to grind your coffee beans is a burr grinder. If you only have a blade grinder, then too bad for you. You will be better off getting a custom treatment that’s only available from a local grinder. A good, local roaster will grind your coffee according to the needs of your filter.

If you already have a burr grinder, you need to do the following. If you have “cone” shaped filters, grind the coffee at #4 on the grinder. If you have flat-bottomed filters, grind slightly coarser with a #6 grind. The grind is critical to the process of extraction as well as the resultant flavor. That’s the third step towards making amazing coffee.

Note: Please avoid putting your fingers inside.

4.         Use the Right Quantity of Coffee

Only use 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. That’s the fourth step towards making amazing coffee.

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5.         Pre-Wet Your Grounds

Pre-wetting the coffee grounds is one fun trick that many people are not aware of. If you can quickly heat up a very small quantity of water or have an Insta-hot, sprinkle no more than 1 ounce of water of the coffee grounds before you start the brewing. It is a critical step that begins the process of extraction and starts pulling the flavor to the surface of your coffee grounds. Once the process of brewing begins, it will have a head-start on the extraction. That’s the fifth step towards making amazing coffee.

6.         If Your Coffee Maker Isn’t Hot Then It Is Time to Go Shopping

Your coffee maker should ideally maintain a constant temperature of about 200˚F for optimal extraction. If you find the coffee to be either cool or colder than you remember, then it is perhaps time to buy a new machine.  A drip-maker takes just 5 to 7 minutes to brew – find out more now and learn how they work. That’s the sixth step towards making the best coffee.

7.         Enjoy It Immediately Instead of Waiting

Cold coffee is probably one of the things most likely to ruin your coffee experience.  A thermal coffee carafe is likely to keep the coffee warm much longer than a glass pot can. No matter how warm you keep your coffee, you should ensure that you consume it all within 30 to 60 minutes of brewing it. Bonus Tip: Keep in mind, however, that reheating the coffee is never enough to revive the optimal flavor it has just after brewing. That is the seventh step towards making the best possible coffee.

By doing the above you will stand a far better chance of making drip coffee that stands up to any other sort of cup or style of coffee out there. Once you know what you’re at a great cup of drip coffee can really stand head and shoulders above any other form of the beverage.

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